Sunday, December 28, 2014

Home Pet Boarding for dogs in Kuala Lumpur

As a pet owner and a pet lover, I always face problems in searching a reliable and good home dog boarding for my pets whenever I go for holidays. There are a number of home boarding growing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but some of these home boarding don't meet our expectation levels. I have seen dogs are kept in "caged" rooms and they only be released during playtime even though these home boarding claim themselves as cage-free home boarding in spacious environment. There are even some home boarding who keep taking many dogs at a time but they don't spend sufficient time to be attentive and care towards the guest dogs. I feel the word "cage-free" has been misused as some home boarding services claim they don't keep dogs in cages but instead, they keep  the guest dogs in rooms or playpens, which is really shocking to me.

My husband and I love dogs and we are offering a 100% CAGELESS HOME BOARDING service where we ensure all guest dogs will not be caged in rooms or playpens. They have freedom to roam around the entire of the house and sleep with us in our bedroom. All the guest dogs will join us for daily walk at the park in the morning and evening.   

We accept up to FOUR guest dogs at a time in order to ensure all dogs' safety so that they feel more comfortable in spacious environment all the time at our home boarding vacation. We want to ensure that we provide quality care and attentive to all guest dogs so that they feel comfortable with less anxiety (stress) while staying with us. We want to ensure all guest dogs feel happy and enjoy their vacation at our boarding house while you don't feel worry and concern about your pet(s) during your trip.

To ensure all dogs' safety, we require all new guest dogs to undergo screening/temperament test at our boarding house before being accepted for the actual boarding days. We will arrange and secure the new guest dogs for boarding after they have passed our screening/temperament test.

All guest dogs are required to be regularly vaccinated and applied with ticks and flea preventive spot-on before they are boarded with us. We need a copy of your dog's latest vaccination record for our reference before the first day of boarding.

All the updated photos and status will be posted on our Facebook Page. This is the link of our Facebook Page: Cageless Happy Home Dog Pet Boarding Service. We also update you with more photos and status of your pet(s) regularly during your trip to your preferred communication mode either to your Whatsapp or your personal email.

Please message us at for more details. 

Thank you.

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